Welcome to Darlingbees

Welcome to Darlingbees

Originally from Europe, I come from a family of beekeepers. My father, grandfather, great-grandfather and uncles, all have been raising bees. It was not only a family business but a big hobby. We enjoyed bees and their honey. Witnessing my family raising bees and the hard work that it is, I always wanted to have my own hives. I wanted to collect honey that I knew was as natural and pure as the ones I knew since childhood. But I never had a chance, until I moved to the States.

I was the first of my family to move across the ocean and settle in the United States. I settled in one of my most beautiful places of the country, in northern California, surrounded by Redwoods and wild flowers. Here, I knew I could have my own hives and raise my own bees. So, I started.

It didn’t take long that I realized something colossal.

Raising bees, collecting honey…It is hard work.

I never knew how hard it is, until I started doing it myself.

It was an eye opener when the first year, half of my hives didn’t make it through the winter. The second year, I could only collect 20 pounds of honey. I was raised by beekeepers. What was I doing wrong?

I started doing research and found that there were some shortcuts to help the bees along. But those shortcuts were not for me. They included unnatural, non-organic means, that I never wanted to try.  I believe, bees are beautiful, natural creatures that deserve sensitivity and special treatment, not very different from your house pets. That’s what I witnessed from my family. That’s what I had to do.

By the third year, I conquered the failures, helped my bees adapt to the environment around them and most importantly treated them with love and special care. Now, my bees give me the minimum of 200 pounds of honey a year.

Now, I not only continue the legacy of my ancestors, I also contribute to saving our main pollinators and helping our environment to sustain us, humans who are only renting this earth.

I will share my stories in my blog. How to avoid pesticides and unnatural ways of raising bees and still be a successful beekeeper.

Follow me and you will learn to love bees like I do. They are not so different from you and I.

I will share different uses of honey that my family have been practicing for centuries.

If you would like to purchase some of the honey I have been cultivating, please email me at [email protected]

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