I am not trying to be the biggest bee keeper. My goal is to provide the highest quality of honey first and foremost for my family and what I have left over I would like to share with my community. I tolerate no GMO, pesticides, synthetic substances or altering the soil and vegetation surrounding my hives.

My story starts in 1938 in a small village at the edge of Europe when my grandfather started raising bees and cultivating honey as a hobby. He had over 20 hives in the most rural part of the country where the land was uncontaminated and the environment was as pure as it can get. At that time, we weren’t exposed to the terms like “organic,” “cruelty free,” “naturally grown” or “environmentally conscious.” Those terms were intrinsic in the practices of my grandfather. 

He was an all around farmer. Not only a beekeeper but he also raised cattle, had a large fruit orchard full of apple, pear and cherry trees, had lands where he planted potatoes and wide variety of vegetables. He lived off his land and provided the best of the best for his family.

My Bees

I remember closely watching my grandfather look after his hives. He always thought that he had a relationship of harmony between his bees and himself. A relationship to which he contributed in the most honest and responsible way and which bore us the sweetest outcome.

His relationship with his bees was of the simplest kind. Provide the best environment for the bees that imitated their own in nature free of human interference and in turn they would reward him with their honey. The interference from him was almost non existent.

Following my grandfather’s footsteps, when it comes to my family’s health and well being I cannot settle for less.

We all want an ideal for our family.  Think of all the qualities you want in a product you are exposing to your children. Those are the qualities that constitute truly good product from anything else out there.

  • Being unaltered in any way
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Nutritious 
  • Free of any outside synthetic or un-synthetic substances including use of plastic and organic pesticides
  • Healthy and Safe


I currently have 10 hives that produce honey for my family and whatever I have left over I like to share with my community. When I raise my bees I try to not to interfere in their process unless I absolutely have to.

I focus on the environment around my hives. I am growing fruit trees that my bees will use to gather their nectar and pollen.  I make sure my soil is free of any substances that will affect or change its nature and quality.

I treat my bees no different than any other pet. I put a roof over their heads, make sure they have honey for the winter months and ensure they’re happy to share their product with my family. Read More


I don’t push my bees to gather more honey than what is naturally in their capacity. That’s why I only have limited amount of fresh honey each season. 

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